first spin of 2016

I spent Sunday afternoon on a bike playing with some new playlists, and I loved this one this morning! I had a good group to kick off humpday with at 5:15 am. If you haven’t checked out Ellie Goulding’s new album yet, she’s got some great tracks for spinning/running. “Holding on for life” is a favorite song at the moment.

  1. Warm up – stretching, gradual RPM increases
  2. {Gear up to 4 above your baseline, begin standing} 2 count jumps on the verses | hover | pushes
  3. Climbing sprints – sprint on the chorus, gear up 1 or 1/2 turn after each sprint
  4. {Begin 2 gears above base in the saddle} jumps on “Thunder” | gradual gear increases in the saddle to 6 above base | gradual increases standing to 8 above base {focus on RPMs remaining above 65}
  5. Seated climb gearing up 2 at each addition, pushes on the chorus
  6. {Begin standing, 4 above base} Standing climb – alternating gearing up 2, gearing down 1 up to 10 above base
  7. Heavy climb – gear up 1 every 15 sec to 12 above base; RPMs should not be below 45
  8. Sprints – gradual RPM increases beginning at 100 RPMs > 115 RPM >>125 RRPM >>> max out >back to 100 {repeat 3x}
  9. Heavy climb – gear up 1 every 15 sec to 12 above base; RPMs should not be below 45
  10. {Begin 4 above base, standing} Isolation tabatas – 45 sec isolation, 15 sec rest; increase gear by 2 after each isolation
  11. {Begin standing, 4 above baseline} Increase gear by 4 on verses, decrease 4 gears and push in the hover position on chorus
  12. {Start standing at 4 above base} 4 count slides on verse, increase gear by 2 after each slide set
  13. Tabata sprints on your flat road – 20 sec sprint, 10 sec rest {Your legs should be burning to the point of wanting to quit with each of these!! But keep going, it’s the last working song!!}
  14. Cool down

Have an awesome Wednesday!!



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