kicking off 2016



I love starting a new year – determining new goals, new adventures, new resolutions. That said, those new goals and resolutions aren’t made without reflecting on the past year. Whatever your goals might be, I hope these workouts {or maybe just the music} will help you accomplish them.

Another favorite thing about a new year. Packed gyms. I had a packed power pump class tonight. I love the energy a full room can bring. One of my goals is to keep it that way.

Here’s what we did tonight. I always stress to start with heavy weight, dropping down when proper form starts to suffer. Remember when your muscles start to burn, that’s where the change is happening.

  1. Warm up {2 minutes of dynamic stretching including shoulders and hip flexors}, Air squats, squat holds (10 sec each) 3x
  2. One leg elevated squats, squat holds|pulses, alternating front elevated lunges
  3. {an oh so appropriate song for} Air squats, side squat steps
  4. Core: russian twists, single taps with middle pause, double taps
  5. Biceps: step push ups, step renegade rows
  6. Shoulders: press, upward row
  7. Biceps: curls, bicep row
  8. Core: single|double leg lifts, bicycle {single time|double time}
  9. Hamstrings: bridge {weighted press | bridge hold | bridge leg lifts}
  10. Triceps: tricep extensions {single time|double time|hold}
  11. Core: plank, mountain climbers on chorus, side plank
  12. Chest: chest press {1-2 count}, fly
  13. Booty: dirty dog variations {back extensions|side extensions|hold|pulse}
  14. Cool down {static stretching}

Get it!!



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