Hymn for the wknd

I’ve taken a hiatus from teaching for about a week and a half to travel home for Christmas, and take a few days vacation in Colorado to ski.

Christmas at home includes the greatest brunch of turkey hash, cheese grits, egg bake, roasted fruit, ham rolls… and the list goes on. I could skip Thanksgiving any year for this meal. I could also be rolled out of there at the end of the meal. Food and family, there’s not much better. Needless to say, I desperately needed a run the next day!

And did I mention temperatures have been in the 70’s in Tennessee? I’ve enjoyed runs around town the past few days and it’s literally felt like late spring. Ah-mazing, considering we’re headed to subzero temps in CO! Outdoor runs are nice to take advantage of in the winter when you can to breath in fresh air. Being cooped up starts to drive us all crazy before too long. If you haven’t listened to the new Coldplay album, A Head Full of Dreams, I’d suggest it for zoning out on runs (see below for album).

A few recommendations when setting out on a run:

Set an amount of time to run, not a distance. It encourages the body to “settle in,” and run at a comfortable pace. It also allows time for the body to warm up before picking up the pace at mile 2 or or 3.

If not listening to music, find an encouraging running partner. (A chatty one can be the best-time flies!) In my case, I’m usually chasing after my husband 🙂

Keep extending goals to challenge yourself!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Thanks for stopping by and the support on this venture. Happy Trails, my friends!



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