Spin Wednesday


As we go along with this blogging idea, you’re going to see that spinning playlists are labeled with a random number. I have 40-something of them I’ve created over the last year and a half or so. At least there’s variety, right? My classes usually have women and men, both you and old, so I have been trying to include rock, pop, EDM, and everything in between, including a couple of throw back playlists. Hopefully, you’ll find the music appealing but mostly that it pumps you up for a good workout. A good beat is always great, whether you’re punching a bag or riding a bike.

I should note that cycling workouts are performed on Keiser cycling bikes, and gears are based on a 1-24 scale. The flat road is the gear in which one returns to between each song. I recommend somewhere between an 8 and a 12, a gear in which you feel like you are pulling both your and the bike’s weight.

Here’s this morning’s cycling workout (50 min):

  1. warm up on flat road; gradual RPM increase from 90 to 115; gear up one and repeat RPM increase; gear up 1 more and repeat RPM increase
  2. For I’m Alive and Fuel: 1 min flat road push (inc. RPM 10-15); 1 min gear up 2, hover; 1 min gear up 2, run; 30 sec push; 1 min. climb, gear up 1 every 10 sec.; gear down 5, 1 min run; gear down 2, 1 min hover; gear down to flat road, sprint to end
  3. Jumps – 4 ct./2 ct.
  4. climbing sprints; sprint on the chorus, gear up 1 after each sprint
  5. Climb – beginning in the saddle, gear up 1 every 20 seconds until 12 above base; remain in the saddle until peddling becomes too difficult, keep cadence quick
  6. Climb – gear up 1 every 10 seconds until 12 above base is reached; gear down 8; repeat through the end
  7. Seated pushes on the chorus; gear up 2 gears after each push
  8. Slides – 4 ct./2 ct.
  9. Isolations – 50 sec. | 10 sec. rest; gear up 1 after each isolation; optional: bring 1 arm behind back each isolation
  10. Tabata sprints: 20 sec sprint | 10 sec. rest
  11. Standing climb with pushes; increase RPMs on the chorus; gear up 2 after each push
  12. Cool down.

Workout complete, all before the sun came up 🙂


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