wake up call

Before grabbing for that coffee pot, the best way to get moving in the morning is some cranked up music and a treadmill. Just over a year ago, I transitioned to fitting workouts in the early morning. Starting with one day a week and gradually working up to 4 days per week has helped with the transition. Your body gets accustomed to those early alarms, you’ll find you have more energy during the day, and have time in the afternoons and evenings for other activities. Because let’s be honest, social events are going to take precedence over the gym in most cases. So, I’ll challenge you to start those early morning workouts. And, if you live in Lincoln, you can even join me in class on Wednesday and Thursday mornings!

warm up:

10 minute treadmill run, begin 6.0 mph gradually increase to finish last minute at 8.0 mph


3 x: 3:00 min planks

4:00 min: alternating plank hold 30 sec. | 30 sec. mtn. climbers {Sandstorm is the perfect song for this}


*3x: 25 bicep dumbell curls {15#} | 25 dumbell shoulder press {15#} | 50 squats {45# bar}

*quick to increase heart rate with 1 minute rest between sets; start with lower weight if not accustomed to high repetitions


*20 min elliptical interval training: alternating incline 5, resistance 5 and incline 9, resistance 9

Focus on strides/minute. Lower incline and resistance stride goal: ~190-200 strides/minute; higher incline and resistance stride goal: ~140-150


Happy Tuesday!


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